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The Allen Foundation Wisconsin

Quality of Life.

The Allen Foundation Charity Wisconsin

A House Built with Love

... And Much More!

“This is not a house of stone; this is not a house of bricks and mortar.  This is a home from the heart – a house built with love.”

“If all of us could do one kind gesture for humankind each day, imagine what kind of world we could produce.”

--Marion Allen (at the dedication of “The Gathering Place.”)

--David Allen Casarotto (at the 30th anniversary of “The Gathering Place.")

The Allen Foundation Charity Wisconsin

The Allen Foundation

Founded in 1991, The Allen Foundation’s goal is to fulfill needs and develop programs of a new or innovative nature in a variety of areas, including Quality of Life, Senior Care, Animal Safety, Healthcare, and Educational Development.  In all our efforts, we seek to remain true to the principles of our founder, Marion Allen, who created The Allen Foundation to encourage, both literally and metaphorically, “a house built with love.”

The Allen Foundation’s Grants have traditionally been geographically focused on the State of Wisconsin, but we are willing to consider qualified applications based nationwide in the United States.  The principles of Marion Allen and the Allen family are taken into consideration in determining the criteria used by the Foundation in awarding Grants.

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